Building One of the Most Sustainable Cities in the World

Shout out to India for being a role-model in green energy implementation and their immense focus and pro-active action to make it happen!

ENTRADE’s partnership is all around the World with India, Indonesia, and Africa being one of our market.

Utilizing the ENTRADE mobile power system, Tata Power-DDL and ENTRADE have built India’s first biomass-to-energy testing facility, showcasing the ability to produce electricity using organic waste. The partnership with Tata Power is one of Entrade’s proof of credibility.

During our 10 years of business, we’ve conducted researches, developments, partnerships, and distributions of our technologies to places around the world. Our small-scale biowaste-to-energy solutions have already been deployed to more than 200 power systems in 11 countries. We aim to build a highly efficient energy and clean water supply for people living in the area that are in dire needs of affordable and efficient energy supply. We are excited to become the pioneer of renewable energy! Join our Telegram group or subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on how prospective clean, sustainable, zero waste energy will be!

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