Forbes Writer Insight on the Solar-and-Storage Technology

With the Green New Deal rolling out as a continuation from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Forbes’s Global Energy Writer, Ken Silverstein wrote about how the Green Deal could suggest that Solar-and-Storage is the best option. 

“In 2008, modern energy technologies had promise but they remained nascent and required public support to get them into the game. Wind and solar energy are now major players as a result — bipartisan efforts that have become economic drivers across America. Indeed, wind and solar energies are becoming cost-competitive in their own right and only need battery storage to change the entire electricity paradigm.”

“Phase Two sets out to speed up the current green wave by investing more in wind and solar technologies, electric-vehicles, energy efficiency, public transportation and smart grids that make more room for green electrons. The projects, meanwhile, would go into at-risk communities as well as those that are now dependent on coal. “If we lay the groundwork now, we can build toward post-Trump enactment of a new economic vision — a federal Green New Deal that mirrors the policy victories we’re starting to see at the state level,” says the Sierra Club.”

ENTRADE technology combines state-of-the-art Software and Hardware Automation plus Solar and Storage with the ability to bring reliable energy and clean water to areas most in need all over the world. 

We offer extremely low-emission, clean and carbon-neutral energy from wood pellets and selected waste materials. We designed our micro-grid waste2energy power plant based on the consideration of few decisive factors (demographic structure, transportation, lack of awareness, and minimum funding), in our way to make a difference and support global renewable energy utilization. 

Supported by the Solar-and-Storage technology, a 100% clean, sustainable, zero waste energy supply for literally everywhere around the world is going to be the future! Our power generators are able to help bringing affordable and accessible electricity, heating, cooling, and water distillation to everyone in need!

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