Looking back to the 7th Renewable Energy Industrial Fair 2018 in Fukushima, Japan

Alongside exhibitors from all over the world we were demoing the newest versions of the E5 power generators hosted by our partners from Fujita construction. With 6 units already in Japan, the market keeps growing based on very favourable feed-in conditions as Japan is reducing its dependency on imported oil and nuclear energy. ENTRADE boasts highly successful projects in the area by Fujita construction as ENTRADE X provides the remote management services. Japan’s well-respected CEOs and Directors in Fukushima and Renewable Energy fields were also present to talk about the future of renewable energy and show supports, as well as Leaders, CEOs and Industry Experts from Japan, Germany, and Denmark, presenting their thoughts about renewable energy being a new step to the future of energy utilization.

It was our third year in Fukushima, in a mission to bring more green energy that will really benefit Fukushima’s environment and their vision on renewable energy. We are proud to be part of the family! Thank you Fujita Construction, Fukushima University, and all respective family members that has supported us on bringing clean energy technology to Japan.

Entrade currently has an existing global IT infrastructure of more than 200 units in 11 countries including India and Puerto Rico, and we are looking forward to add more and more countries to our list! Check out our E5 technology and the newest Entrade X Power Generator at our web page!

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