Our Mission

ENTRADE X will actively aid the global transition from fossil fuels into clean, sustainable, zero waste energy.

Making a Difference

Ten years ago in Ethiopia, working with for the German Ministry of Economics and Energy, my goal was to build a fully renewable micro-grid to power a small village. Back then, the technology was not available- power plants were expensive, big and tough to manage. Today, all of this has changed. ENTRADE X technology combines state-of-the-art Soft-and Hardware-Automation plus Solar and Storage with the ability to bring reliable energy and clean water to areas most in need all over the world.

So why are so many people still without clean electricity and thermal energy?

It is because small-scale energy project funding currently does not work- this is what we need to change and it is urgent that we change it now! I want to see my vision of 100% renewable, sustainable, zero waste energy and water supply in my lifetime. In order to bring technology to rural off-takers in developing countries, we need to change the rules.

I believe that blockchain is the missing piece to help us bring our decentralized utility to all parts of the world! Smart contract ledgers, free flow of capital, dedicated token offerings for funding and direct donations will revolutionize the way small scale, high social impact energy projects will be funded in the future. We are incredibly proud to partner up with Schneider Electric, one of the largest automation companies in the world, and make the ENTRADE IO platform a reality.


Julien Uhlig



Ten Years in the Business- 44 Government Projects- over EUR 100 Mil. raised.


Proven institutional and private investor track record with succesful valuation growth.

Technology Leader

Germany’s Best Engineering Company 2016- German Ministry of Economics.


Blockchain Development in Partnership with Schneider Electric.


What makes Entrade X different?

An established multi-award-winning brand in the energy business
Experienced team in the energy industry with an existing track record and the project pipeline
Existing global IT infrastructure = 211 units in 11 countries
Patented technology including proprietary decentralized hardware and software for renewable energy creation, transfer, and storage. €100 million fundraising track record

Development Co-operation with Schneider Electric

ENTRADE IO is a community effort and we are proud to have Schneider Electric, one of the largest technology companies in the world, as our development partners. With over USD 4 Billion in revenue and 180.000 engineers, Schneider has been pushing the limits of energy micro-grid deployment in many markets around the world. Since 2016, ENTRADE AG and Schneider Electric have jointly delivered more than 200 power systems and built a decentralized utility that has Industry 4.0 at its very core. Decentralised, Flexible and High-Tech, there can be no better development partner for building a blockchain platform then Schneider Electric.


Africa Greentech the Leading Social Start-up!

ENTRADE IO and Africa Greentech are partnering up to bring mobile power to East Africa. The Solar Containers are often the first reliable power source on-site in these villages. Currently East Africa, suffers from some of the highest energy prices in the world, while the region’s local income is among the lowest in the world. In the future, we foresee that the energy demand will rise drastically as a result of climate change. ENTRADE IO plans to be there as an investor and operator to support this growth while making a social impact.

In the first project phase, ENTRADE IO is planning to invest EUR 10.000.000 into  projects already planned, which are fully backed and guaranteed by the German Federal Government. At successful funding, ENTRADE IO will become the preferred investment partner of Africa Greentech in order to combine biowaste-to-energy, solar and storage into a complete off-grid power supply.


Our ENTRADE X Community


Investing in the Energy (R)evolution


Time is up, sorry!

Energy Micro-Investing

Our vision is to create a utility token (cWh) that would make renewable energy units available for pre-sale comparably to commodities futures. Purchase of cWh would finance various global energy projects and enable investors to participate in emerging energy markets to create local impact.

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