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Combining cutting-edge waste2energy technology with solar and storage into a complete off-grid power supply.

Global Leader in Biowaste-to-Energy Solutions

Entrade X is leading the global market in the German-engineered technology of small-scale biowaste-to-energy solutions, already deploying more than 200 power systems in 11 countries.

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to bring and transparency to today’s growing energy markets-, especially in developing countries. This is the final stage of the existing remote energy management platform we have developed with our partners from Schneider Electric.

This platform, which continues to evolve, uses localized resources to build the backbone of a reliable energy supply. Solar, storage and other available technologies are combined to build a highly efficient energy and clean water supply for regions most in need.

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Global Leader in Biowaste-to-Energy Solutions

ENTRADE  /  PRODUCTS  /  E5 50kW Power Generator (Pellets and Chips)

ENTRADE E5 50kW Power Generator (Pellets and Chips)

The Mobile Container Based Power Solution. 
  • Equipment performance: Nominal power output: 50 kWel
  • Nominal heat output: 120 kWth
  • Total efficiency: 85%
  • Electr. output: 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Feedstock: Wood Chips A1- B2 Quality, G30 – G50, max. 13% water content
  • Dimensions: E5-Unit: 3,72 x 1,56 x 2,00m in Container 20 ft HC and plus wood chip bunker

Additional Extras

E5 Entrade Monitoring Service Package
Maintenance and Warranty incl. Spares
Turn-Key Installation & Commissioning

ENTRADE  /  PRODUCTS  /  E4 50kW Power Generator (Pellets)

ENTRADE E4 50kW Power Generator (Pellets)

The Mobile Container Based Power Solution. 
  • Operating Mode: Downdraft fixed-bed gasifier
  • Equipment performance: Nominal power output: 50 kWel
  • Nominal heat output: 120 kWth
  • Total efficiency: 86%
  • Energy converters: Motor: Origin, 8, 1L, V8
  • Generator: Synchronous generator
  • Dimensions: E4-Unit: 2,30m x 2,00m x 2,30m or in Container 20 ft HC: 6,058 m x 2,438 m x 2,896 m

Additional Extras

E4 Entrade Monitoring Service Package
Maintenance and Warranty incl. Spares
Turn-Key Installation & Commissioning

ENTRADE / PRODUCTS  /  Power Generators E3 V. 2.0 – 25 kW mobile power Unit

ENTRADE E3 v2.0 – 25 kW Mobile Power Unit

E3-Mobile Biomass Power Generator is the Turn-Key Solution for Global Markets.
With permanent online monitoring, it provides 50 kW of electrical energy and 120 kW of thermal energy. Incredibly powerful the E3offers clean, climate-neutral energy everywhere. Delivered ready to use in a standard shipping container.
  • Operating Mode: Downdraft fixed-bed gasifier
  • Equipment performance: Nominal power output: 25 kWel
  • Nominal heat output: 55 kWth
  • Total efficiency: 85%
  • Energyconverters: General Motors 4.3L, V6
  • Generator: Asynchronous generator
  • Dimensions: E3-Unit: 1,86m x 1,56m x 2,00m or in Container 20 ft HC plus switch cabine

Additional Extras

E3 Entrade Monitoring Service Package
Maintenance and Warranty incl. Spares
Turn-Key Installation & Commissioning

ENTRADE E3 v2.0 Videos


The Entrade X Micro-grid Structure

A micro-grid combines multiple energy suppliers and off-takers into a complete self-managed system.
Always providing the exact amount of energy that is actually needed.

ENTRADE X World-class Research

If generating electricity, heating and cooling from waste-streams in small units were easy- everyone would be doing it! Massive amounts of waste, especially plastic waste, ends up in landfills or in the ocean. Until ENTRADE’s advanced technology came along, it has not been possible to convert this waste into anything useful without causing harmful emissions causing all new problems.

Since 2006, the ENTRADE Labs at the Technical University in Graz (Austria) have been exploring ways to convert waste-streams into a natural gas replacement that can be used in most applications where natural gas or propane/butane is currently used. The core principle is a very high-temperature thermochemical conversion process converting solid carbons into H2+CO+CO2 and a small percentage of CH4.

ENTRADE has perfected the process to the extent that only 0,01 g/m2 are left in the natural gas replacement called syngas. The two-stage combustion process begins by first producing the syngas which then gets burned in an engine cylinder driving the generator. Core benefits compared to a boiler-to-steam turbine, for example, are very high efficiency, t even at small scale, and none of the smell or particle emissions that you would have from a direct combustion.

What we have now is a base-load dependable, fully renewable, carbon negative power generator designed to replace diesel generators at a fraction of the cost. Units used in clusters are fully automated for a scalable, movable, reliable energy supply generated from existing waste or fuel from plants, such as elephant grass, that can be planted locally.

BLUE GLOBE REPORT – ENTRADE Highterm Research “Fastest Growing Austrian Cleantech Company 2017”


Entrade X Solution: E3 XL in Hull, England

The realised benefits of this system have been numerous for Edward Baard Ltd. The E3 system has proven to be the most economic and reliable biomass CHP on the market.

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