Why Renewable Energy might be the best Investment Option right now?

According to this article by Bloomberg, 
“Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines have signed the 2015 Paris climate agreement, which calls for governments to limit carbon emissions. To help fulfill their commitments, the countries may pass regulations supporting renewable energy or requiring expensive pollution controls on fossil fuel plants, Gray said, accelerating the shift away from coal.”

The article predicted that “Coal investments in Southeast Asia could be stranded by cheap renewables”, and it might be true. As for now, Southeast Asia is considered a big market for energy industry due to its development tendency and large population. A drop in Coal assets means a raise in Renewable Energy assets, as the renewables have been prepared for decades to replace the entire fossil fuel utilization. 

Entrade have worked on this renewable energy industry for more than 9 years, continuously creating better version of generators that can convert waste and biomass into energy. Our vision is to provide electricity, heating, cooling, and water distillation solution for people that lives in rural areas all over the world, while also provide investment opportunity for people that would want to help those friends in remote areas. 

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