World’s Oceans might Change Color

“The colour of the world’s oceans could soon begin to shift as warming waters trigger massive fluctuations in plankton populations, according to new research. A study, conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, suggests changes in water-dwelling phytoplankton will make some parts of the ocean bluer, and other parts greener, in one of the more unusual effects of climate change.”

“Rising global temperatures are expected to make plankton-rich polar regions even greener as huge blooms flourish, while the blue oceans of the subtropics turn bluer as plankton is wiped out. The scientists used a computer model to gauge the effect of global warming on the world’s plankton, which revealed that under current trends these changes will likely kick in within decades.”

The effect of global warming is real and undeniable. Hopefully with the meeting result from Paris Agreement combined with The United Nations Climate Change Conference (known as COP24, aimed at providing firm guidelines for countries on how to transparently report their greenhouse gas emissions and their efforts to reduce them), we could all start the action to fight global warming and on regulating the market for international carbon emissions trading.

It is time for us to move forward!

March 2019, we will be doing our Africa GreenTec Project Commencement, Indonesia Project Pilot, and European Project Purchases. All of these are to introduce a sustainable, zero waste energy conversion to the areas that need it most. We have been promoting renewable energy for almost a decade and continue evolving! Join us for a ride towards the future!

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